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Behringer Rita

Biomedical analyst/Founder

I have been working as Biomedical analyst in Sweden for 12 years before I moved back to Transylvania for four years ago. I was specialized in flow cytometry, special hematology and also training nurses how to perform correctly venous and capillary sampling. Pretty soon I realized that the family doctors here don't have access to do rapid test at there reception which would lead to a faster diagnosis and rapid recovery for the patient. My vision is to overlap this huge gap and give a new opportunity both for the doctors and the patient by renting out rapid test instruments. This will lead to a reform in the healthcare and a new thinking.

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Lunca de Sus/Gyimesfelsőlok

dr Tanko-Zsigmond Klára

Using CoaguChek XS for INR measurement


dr Burus Laura-Elena

Using CoaguChek XS for INR and HemoCue HbA1c 501 for glycosylated hemoglobin measurement