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Privacy Policy

You trusted us by browsing and shopping on (the "Online Store") and thank you for that. RapidTest. assures you that it will process your data in an honest, transparent and informed manner, in accordance with the changes and amendments brought by the General Regulation (EU) on the protection of personal data no. 2016/679 (“GDPR”). This is why we have decided to inform you through this Personal Data Processing Policy ("Data Processing Policy" or "Policy") regarding: Who we are? What is personal data? What data do we process about you? How do we collect and process your data? How long do we keep your data? Who do we share your data with? When do we transfer your data outside the European Union or EEA?

What security measures do we provide for the protection of your data? This Data Processing Policy may be modified or updated at any time by RapidTest, when we consider that certain changes occur in the activities through which we process your data. We will post any such changes on our website,, and inform you accordingly by e-mail. WHO WE ARE? - WHAT DATA DO WE PROCESS ABOUT YOU? What is personal data? Personal data means any data or information that helps us to identify you directly (for example, your first and last name) or indirectly (for example, depending on the profile we create to send you personalized offers).

Some information is less obvious (such as your shopping preferences and habits, your computer's IP), but associated with your person helps us to identify you and thus circumscribe the notion of "personal data".

RapidTest's policy is to collect and process only the data we need to provide you with the most enjoyable experience when browsing / shopping on the Online Store website. In general, we process the following types of data about you:

Name and surname; Email Address; Phone number; Sex; Age; General geo-location of the device from which you are browsing authentic in the client account; Information about the products and services purchased; The degree of use and your activities on the Online Store platform; Interests and preferences related to the products in the Online Store. Specifically, in the table below we have presented the personal data ("Data" or "Personal Data") that we collect directly from you, which results from the interaction with you and which we or our partners track in order to to supply the ordered products or to offer you various personalized offers, when you browse / shop on the Online Store website or when you use various devices (computer, tablet or mobile phone). Data of minors.

RapidTest does not allow the processing of personal data of customers under the age of 18. In the process of creating an account or placing an order in the Online Store, customers must confirm that they have reached the age of 18. HOW DO WE PROCESS YOUR DATA?

RapidTest collects and processes your data to honor the orders you place and deliver the products you want, improve your experiences in the Online Store, provide assistance and support when using the Online Store / customer account, or to create your own a customer profile in order to send personalized offers (direct marketing). We have detailed in the table below how we process your data, the purposes and the legal basis (legal basis) of the activities through which we process your data. For what purpose do we collect and process your data? What data do we collect and how do we process it? What is the legal basis for data processing?

Data that you provide us directly Creating your customer account We can only create a customer account for you in the Online Store if you provide us with the following personal data, either (a) in the process of requesting you to open a new customer account, or (b) following the placing of an order, for the first time. date, in the Online Store (and we, on this occasion, activate a customer account in order to be able to honor your order): name surname; gender; e-mail, and phone number Alternatively, you can create a customer account by logging into your Facebook, Google or Yahoo account, using your email or phone number and password from that social network. Login to the customer account We offer you the option to log in to the client account by logging in to your existing Facebook, Google or Yahoo account (connecting through social networks). To connect, you are redirected to your social network page (Facebook, Google or Yahoo), where you can log in with your user data. Thus, your Facebook, Google, or Yahoo profile is linked to the customer account in the Online Store. Upon login, Facebook Inc., Google Inc. and Oath (Verizon) will automatically provide the following information:

Numeric ID for the social network; name and surname; sex; username on Facebook, Google, or Yahoo; your user account has been verified (eg "confirmed"). In addition, the social network operator receives information about connecting that account to our page. We store and use this data transmitted by Facebook, Google or Oath in order to identify you as an authorized customer and to offer you our services in the Online Store. Shopping in the Online Store You can only make purchases if you have activated a customer account, place some products in the shopping cart and then place an order. You can make purchases on the Online Store website and through the messenger of your Facebook account (where you log in from your RapidTest account) or through the Call Center service, after you have previously accepted the Online Store Terms and Conditions. - Each time you place an order we will collect and process the following data: a name and surname; a delivery address; a phone number. - When we confirm your order, or let you know that the products have reached the pick-up points, we will process: a telephone number and, where applicable, an e-mail address to inform you about the status of your order / delivery. Execution of the contract In order to be able to honor your orders, to deliver the products to the indicated address / deliver the products to the pick-up points, to execute our warranty obligations associated with the products, or, as the case may be, to return the products. Payment of purchases / refund of payment in case of product return / order cancellation.   

The details of the card you use to pay for 3D Secure purchases in the Online Store will not be accessible or stored by RapidTest, but only by the transaction authorizing entity or another entity authorized to provide data storage services. card identification, whose identity you will be informed, prior to the actual entry of the card details that you use for online payment. [3D Secure means a security measure that involves redirecting the customer when making the payment on a secure page where each cardholder is registered by assigning an authorization code for each online transaction. Cards accepted for payment are those issued under the logos VISA (Classic and Electron) and MASTERCARD (including Maestro, if they have CVV / CV2 code)]. -RapidTest only processes the following data that it sends to the online payment / transaction authorization partner: a name, surname; an order ID; a date of initiation of the transaction, date of completion; o Transaction ID; a paid situation (payment made / not made); a traded amount (as applicable). - In case of returns / cancellation of the order we collect and process: o The IBAN and bank where you opened your bank account, to refund your money paid for returned products / canceled orders. Execution of the contract In order to provide the necessary support for processing by our authorized partners to mediate the payment of the products ordered by you.

Delivery of products to you - We deliver your products to the address indicated, through our couriers, with whom we strictly share the data necessary for the delivery of the products: a name, surname; a delivery address; a telephone; o the amount payable by cash on delivery (as applicable). - If you pick up the product from our collection points, in order to identify yourself, we will compare your data from the identity document with those from the order (without retaining a copy of the identity document), respectively: a name, surname; once born. Execution of the contract Fulfilling our obligations related to the management and delivery of products to the customer under the agreed conditions and times.

Customer support and support - In order to be able to provide you with support regarding your customer account / orders that you place in the Online Store, we will identify you by confirming: o first and last name; o your email address and phone number; o Order ID Browse online Depending on your interactions and behavior on the Online Store website and in the mobile application, we collect and process your data through our partners to create your customer profile for subsequent submission of personalized offers ("personalized offers") through the communication channels you choose. In order to profile, we process the following data: o your last name, first name, your e-mail and / or correspondence address and mobile phone number; o the history of your interactions with us in the Online Store website or the mobile application, respectively: - what products you have viewed, searched or ordered; - what products you added to the shopping cart and then removed, ordered / bought them; - what orders you initiated and subsequently completed or canceled; - what products were delivered to you, were paid; o your preferences when shopping from the Online Store (what products you bought, at what date / time, how you made the payment); o the online identifiers obtained from the device you use when browsing the Online Store website or the mobile application;

When you visit the Online Store website, log in to your customer account, or use our mobile application, we also collect cookies and data obtained from your computer, phone, tablet or other device used by you (the "device"). , information with which we can identify you online ("online identifiers"), and which we use for profiling for direct marketing purposes: o IP address; o The internet browser you are using and the version of the device's operating system; o HHTP / HTTPS protocol data; o Duration of your visit / activity on the Online Store website; o The general location of the device (if geo-location is activated) from which you connect to the Online Store website. [Please note that most devices give you the option to disable geo-location services right from your device settings] ["Cookies" - files that a server sends to your device, placed on the Online Store website or by downloading / using the mobile application The purpose and how we process cookies are detailed in the Cookie Policy, available on the Online Store website] Consent For profiling and sending personalized offers through the communication channels you agree to (sms, e-mail, push-up notifications). More details on how we do profiling for direct marketing can be found below in the "Profiling" section. You have the right at any time to oppose profiling. Behavioral advertising online Based on your browsing and behavior in the Online Store, monitored by cookies, we will provide you with online advertisements for some of our products that may interest you.

Based on the information about your browsing in the Online Store or from the mobile application, we will place you in an interest group with other similar customers, as well as browsing behavior and we will thus deliver advertisements (banners) based on those interests. For example, a profile of interest "books" can be deduced from your data, by evaluating the products you visited on the website of the Online Store and in this way a cookie is placed on your device to classify you as someone interested. of the "books" category, and later you will receive some specially personalized advertising messages from the "books" category. Cookie consent For cookies that monitor your behavior in the Online Store. If you do not wish to participate in the monitoring by cookies in order to send online advertisements (banners) based on your interests, you can refuse the setting of a cookie module by setting the browser that generally disables the automatic setting of modules cookie. You can also disable cookies for the advertising services of a browser service provider (eg Google) by setting your browser to block cookies in that domain. You can do this very easily from the following page The option to opt out of online behavioral advertising will not stop showing general ads, which are not individualized based on your interests. Offers based on personalized audiences (on customer lists) With your consent, we will use your email address and mobile phone number to create encrypted customer lists ("hash data"), and then use the encrypted data in this list to correlate your data (and that of other customers). from an interest group) with the data of the people on Facebook, in order to send, on this channel, to your Facebook account, personalized offers through target advertisements.

Facebook encrypts the hash data, uploads it to the social platform and thus creates an audience, using this hash data exclusively to correlate with the data in your Facebook account, without distributing this data to third parties (or other commercial advertisers) and will be deleted Facebook automatically immediately after correlation. When you create a similar audience, you choose a source audience (a custom audience created using a data partner, your pixel data, data from your mobile app, or fans of the RapidTest page), and Facebook identifies the common traits of people in this audience (for example, demographics or interests). Then, Facebook finds people who have similar (or "similar") traits to them. If the answer is yes, we will have to add a paragraph like the one below] In addition, on the Online Store website we also use the personalized audience Facebook services created with the help of your pixel data and the data from your mobile application. With the help of this service provided by Facebook, We and Google can identify the fact that you clicked on our Facebook advertisement and were redirected to the Online Store website. The data collected with Facebook is used exclusively to compile statistics on the success and use of our Facebook advertising campaigns. Consent For sending personalized offers on Facebook (by using the service of personalized audiences based on customer lists For more details on the purposes, method of collection and processing of personal data by Facebook and for settings to protect your privacy on Facebook, you can consult the help center for promoters in the Facebook Privacy Policy. Maintenance and security of the Magazinul Online website We use the following online identifiers to maintain and secure the Online Store website: o IP address; o The internet browser you are using and the operating system version of the device you are connecting to; o HHTP / HTTPS protocol data; o The location of the device (if geo-location is activated) from which you connect to the Online Store website.

Specifically, we process your data for: - ensure the proper functioning of the website, respectively: o the correct display of the content of the Online Store website; o retention of your authentication data (when you request us); o improving the Online Store website; o parameterization of the device from which you connect / authenticate to the requirements of the Online Store site. - ensure the security of the website and ensure that we protect you against fraud or any breach of IT security regarding the Online Store. - identifying and repairing defects that prevent the use of our website or your customer account. Legitimate interest Implementing, parameterizing and maintaining the security measures of the Online Store website Audit and reporting We process your data for the annual financial audit, as well as for the submission of tax and accounting statements to the tax authorities. Legal requirements To comply with the legal obligations imposed by the applicable legal provisions in fiscal and accounting matters Defending rights in court. 

  When we defend our rights in court to recover amounts due, or when we protect our interests against unjustified claims / claims, we will process your data necessary to formulate specific objections, written conclusions, requests and documents. Legitimate interest Exercising any defenses / rights before the courts, or public / control authorities or institutions Procedures and investigations of judicial authorities and / or bodies Exceptionally and in accordance with the law, we will provide to the competent authorities and institutions, within formal procedures / investigations or other steps provided by law, according to the procedure provided by law, your following data: name, surname, address, e-mail, telephone . RapidTest will document any such steps. Legal requirements To comply with the specific legal obligations imposed by the applicable legal provisions on protection against fraud, money laundering and terrorism. Data we collect from other sources. 

Browse social networks If you like us on the RapidTest Facebook page or if you log in to your customer account with your Facebook address and password, we will receive this data without using it other than to be able to communicate with you and possibly to send you some personalized offers through your Facebook account based on personalized audiences. Consent Sending personalized offers on Facebook (using personalized customer list-based audience service) HOW LONG DO WE KEEP YOUR DATA? RapidTest processes your data for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected and in accordance with our personal data retention policies. In some cases, some legal provisions may impose or allow us to keep the data for a longer period. The data retention period depends mainly on the following: for what period we need your data to provide you with the requested products and to fulfill our obligations to you and for the purposes mentioned above in this Policy; if you have a customer account opened on the Online Store website. In this case we will keep your data for as long as this customer account is active, but not more than 5 (five) years from the date of the last account authentication or the last order in the Online Store (without account authentication); we will notify you before closing your customer account and delete all data associated with this customer account; if you have given your consent to the processing of data for a longer period, we will retain the data for this entire period, unless you withdraw your consent in the meantime; legal or contractual obligations require us to keep your data for a certain period of time (for example the periods prescribed by law for the protection of our rights in court). We will keep your data only as long as you have a customer account and / or continue to shop in the Online Store.


If you deactivate your customer account in the Online Store and you explicitly request our total deletion, the data associated with your customer account will be deleted or anonymized so that you can no longer be identified in our data tracking systems, unless we are we are obliged to keep your data for a longer period, based on our law or legitimate interest. In this way we will ensure you full control over your personal data. We will collect and process your data again if you provide it to us again on the Online Store website.

For the purposes for which you have given us your consent to the processing of the data, highlighted in the table above, we will process your data on that purpose until you withdraw your consent to the processing for that purpose, unless we are obliged to maintain these data for a longer period according to the law, for reporting to public authorities, or to defend our rights in court. We inform you that we rely on your consent when we process your data to transmit to you: personalized offers based on online behavioral advertising; personalized offers based on the profiling we do for direct marketing, through sms, email and push-up notifications; offers based on personalized audiences (on customer lists) on Facebook. * Consent - means your free, specific and informed consent by which you accept without a doubt that your data will be processed by Us for the purpose for which you give your consent. In the Online Store you can express your consent by your action to tick the relevant box associated with the purpose and means of processing specified in this Information Note.

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